Low Carb Chocolate Treats – Keto Style

Low Carb Chocolate Treats for Chocoholics

In Australia, the 4 day long weekend of Easter is a weekend so many of us look forward to. Either to enjoy a break at home from the hustle and bustle of full time work, a weekend away camping, or the public holiday penalty rates!  Low Carb Chocolate TreatsAs today is the first day of the long weekend, I’m getting ready for a chocolate fest in our household, keto-style of course. My kids are not sugar free unfortunately, however my hubby and eldest daughter are, so there is hope yet for the little ones. I still enjoy chocolate, however, it needs to be sugar free. This means I have to make my own creations and cook from scratch. So for some low carb chocolate treats in your household this Easter weekend, I thought it might help to get some inspiration.

It might help some of you to stay in ketosis while enjoying some chocolate if you had some ideas to guide you. I’ve done a round up of some of my favorite chocolate treats from some of my favorite bloggers that you can create over the long weekend and indulge without the guilt.

An added benefit to including chocolate treats into your diet is the antioxidant benefits that cacao and cocoa have. So don’t feel that you have to hold back :)!

Chocolate Treat Ideas

Keep in mind these are all using a sugar free sweetener of your choice.

The options I use are xylitol, pure stevia or erythritol.

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

If you enjoy starting your day with breakfast, you can start it with my chocolate chia seed pudding. This is a great way to include natural PUFAs (polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) and fiber into your diet. Low Carb Chocolate Treats

Chocolate Mug Cake

When I need a little chocolate indulgence, I love to make a chocolate mug cake, here’s one that I find works well.

Brownie Slice

Another one of my go to chocolate treats is by Libby at Ditch the Carbs. She has created this amazing brownie slice. It doesn’t crumble like a traditional brownie, but it does taste good. It’s one of the few chocolate sugar free cakes that I can get one of my children to eat. The added bonus is the eggs it contains. My little cherub also doesn’t eat eggs, but little does she know she does after all! I just have to deliver it in a sneaky way.

Chocolate chip cookies

These are a classic that many may miss once they go on their keto journey, so it’s reassuring that one can still have these. The key here is to replace the high carb ingredients with the low carb alternatives. Here is a recipe by Craig Clarke at Ruled.Me for such a treat.

Chocolate Smoothie

How about a healthy smoothie without the extra sugars from fruit. This one has just the right ingredients for a chocolate flavor, with healthy nutrients minus the extra sugar from fruit.

Chocoalte Peppermint Protein Balls

Another option for a low carb chocolate treat is my chocolate peppermint protein balls. It has added flaxseed, sunflower seeds and almonds for a nutritional boost including magnesium.Low Carb Chocolate Treats


Here’s a muffin recipe that is easy mixed in a blender by alldayidreamaboutfood blogger Carolyn.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

There’s no cooking involved in this one, it’s simply mix and set in the fridge, followed by melting the chocolate once the cookie dough has frozen slightly. I replaced the maple syrup with vanilla stevia to keep the carb count low.

Final word

As you can see there are many options to satisfy those chocolate cravings that don’t involved sugar. The above list is only a snippet of the range of heavenly chocolate goodness available to those of us who follow a ketogenic lifestyle. It just takes a little research and swapping of the old carb ingredients and replacing with the new low carb alternatives.

So instead of reaching for those sugar-laden, inflammation causing, weight gaining Easter eggs and bunnies, why not make your own chocolate treats without the guilt.



10 thoughts on “Low Carb Chocolate Treats – Keto Style

  1. I love chocolate and for sure I will make my wife take a look at this, can’t wait to eat them... thanks for the knowledge!!
    1. Hi Kalipi thanks for dropping by and checking out my post. I hope your wife can create some delicious chocolate goodies for you both. Enjoy.
  2. Wow that's a lot of chocolaty ideas! My favourite is the chia seed pudding! Yummy and nutritious! Will definitely give it a go and see how my kids like it! Thank you for all the creative ideas!
    1. Hi Joo, I'm glad you like the chia seed pudding. It's listed in my recipe section. Let's hope the kids enjoy it too. Kids have so many sugary cereals, it's nice to give them a healthy but yummy alternative. All the best.
  3. Happy Easter! I'm so glad I stumbled across this page, as I need to stock up with some low carb alternatives to the good old chocolate easter egg. The chocolate peppermint protein balls look delicious! Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers, Karen https://writingforcash.com
    1. Hi KD Forsman. Happy Easter to you too. Easter is so hard when trying to avoid sugar, I hope you can create and enjoy those peppermint balls to help you have a sugar free option. All the best.
  4. At every festive season, I find it super hard to stay in Keto. I can't say no to a beer with freinds, sausage on the BBQ and homemade lamingtons. But after easter I'll will try your ideas. Happy Easter and great post.
    1. Hi Vince, thanks for stopping by. Happy Easter to you too. Ah, yes the festive season, it's a balancing act trying to manage all the yummy treats on offer during celebrations. All the best with trying out the sugar free chocolate options after Easter. Enjoy your time with family and friends :)
  5. Oh boy! So many choices and I do love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Any of these have a more dark chocolaty taste? I'm loving the chocolate mug cake. That I have to try and make :)
    1. Hi Matts Mom, thanks for visiting. Dark chocolate is good when you can melt it and incorporate it into your desserts, so when you get your dark chocolate it's best to get ones that are no less than 70% cocoa. I've used 85% dark chocolate in the peanut butter biscuits which taste fabulous which have a good dark chocolate taste. I didn't add any coconut oil to the mix and found they melted less. Coconut softens at room temperature around this neck of the woods, Brisbane Australia, so I found it helps leaving it out in the above recipe. All the best.

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