Gluten Free Superfood Pack



3 of the most potent superfoods that are Certified Organic

Berry Radical Superfood

Deep Green Alkalising Superfood

FastTract Gluten Free Probiotic Superfood

These 3 superfoods

  • Super Charge your inner health and outer beauty with these superfood nutritional supplements.
  • Contain significant enzymes, vital amino acids, and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients that assist the body by reducing the damaging impact of free radicals, and slowing the processes associated with aging.

FastTract Probiotic to help balance your gut with the 80/20 microbiome environment for a healthy gut. FastTract contains billions of beneficial bacteria to help your body absorb the nutrients consumed while helping you build your immune system.

Berry Radical contains 9 of the most powerful antioxidants in the world to help fight free radicals and oxidation while fighting the signs of aging.

Deep Green contains freeze dried potent sources of greens such as cruciferous vegetables and blue-green algae. Without having  the right PH balance in our bodies, we end up with an acid environment which leads to various health conditions. Too much protein can also lead to acidity and thus an overproduction of sulphuric, nitric and phosphoric acid. Deep green neutralises this acid and helps restore the body’s natural balance.

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